About the designer

Oh hey there!

Hi, I’m Sara! I’m a freelance web designer on a mission to get small businesses online and in front of their customers!

Small business owners are my tribe. Now ‘tribe’ is a word that is really thrown about right now, it seems to be the ‘it’ word in the business consulting world. But, there is no better word really, to describe our little tight knit community of small business owners.

Ive been a small business owner before, heck, I still am one! I know how hard it is starting out.

You get this fabulous idea, and get all excited, you can do this.. and this, and this, and oh my gosh its now 2am and you really have no idea where to start and how to get the ball rolling.

One thing you know (or should!) Is that to really get seen by your potential (and existing) customers, you need a really kick arse website.

You need it to do the things it needs to do, and it needs to not keep you up until 2am, still wondering how you do this and that, to make it all work. You may have tried to create a wee ‘do it yourself’ website before, and realised it really is not worth the hassle and you need some real help.

That’s where I come in. I’ve done enough 2am pondering for the both of us, so you don’t need to!

I create gorgeous, well designed, user friendly, functional websites, that just do what they should do. Whether you want a website that just acts as a landing page so that you can be found online, through to a website that sells 1000 and more products, has all the bells and whistles ever needed to run a retail store except for being able to fold your washing and feed your cat while you are at work (I know, I know, it’s 2019 right!) I can help.

I only have a select few bookings each month ( I like to work quite closely with my clients to give them all that I can in this time ) so if you think you would like to work together, pop over to the work with me page, and you can see the packages I currently offer. Keep in mind, the packages are just a starting point, we can take things out, and add other things in as needed.